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  • Café Masala

    When you visit Café Masala, you are immediately aware that this is a restaurant that dares to be different. Quality is the paramount consideration. Top quality food, professional service, and a top quality-dining ambience combine to make Café Masala an unforgettable experience.

  • Fresco Box

    Fresco Box offer a wide range of services, such as Meal Preparation, Nutritional Advice, Personal Training & Fitness Programmes.

  • Pulp Kitchen

    At Pulp Kitchen, we know that there are two kinds of people when it comes to food: those that are trying to be good and those that want to be gloriously naughty. Let’s face it, most people are a little bit of both depending on whatever mood the day happens to find them in.

  • Shoeburyness Hotel

      Opening Hours Monday Bar open  12:00-23:00 Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-23:00 Friday-Saturday    12:00-01:00 Sunday-                  12:00-22:00

  • Affinity 1777

    The company was formed by Husband and Wife - Richard & Gill that had worked for many years together catering in both restaurant and function / event hospitality and were known for their skills and especially - excellent customer service. They thought it was time to go it alone and spend more time enjoying the type of food and service they do best.